We know infrastructure

Our enclosed logo invites everybody involved in the value chain of infrastructure construction – i.e. clients, designers, construction companies – to demonstrate our joint efforts to achieve more than the public debate believes we are capable of.

with our knowledge,

with our intellectual, creative potential,

with our capability to act with foresight,

with our precision, diligence and thoroughness,

with our efficiency and innovation,

and ideally by using the BIM method.


In addition to our positive experiences with integrated and comprehensive planning from one single source, with “integrated planning and low-conflict construction“ we also target the current recommendations published in the Construction of Major Projects Reform Commission’s final paper; recommendation no. 2:


"2. First plan, then build ...
The client should not commence construction until a consolidated document has been prepared containing the detailed design of the entire project and detailed information on costs, risks and the schedule. Construction on the basis of partial building permits should not commence unless they involve fully separable component projects or fully separable trades...



Recommendations of the final report

Integrated planning