We Celebrate Our Anniversary

50 years of enthusiasm for engineering

Throughout 50 years, we accompanied countless projects together with numerous different clients and developers. Our success is a joint effort, based on trustful collaboration. 

At this point, we want to say thank you for your trust. We look with joy and confidence towards a common future.

On our anniversary website, we recall 50 years of acceleration and show the visions, people, and stories which in the last decades made SSF what it is today.


Our anniversary website


SSF On A Glance

Everything for your structure. Everything for your progress

We are ready for your construction project: to design it future-oriented, implement it with the highest quality whilst perfectly integrating all participants in the overall process.


As one of the leading German civil engineering companies, we offer everything under one roof – from the design of technological solutions to the planning of construction phases and the completion of your project – with the best skills and more than 50 years of experience.


We create your structure. Sustainably.


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Victor Schmitt and Dieter Stumpf found the engineering office Schmitt & Stumpf in Munich.


Wolfgang Frühauf joins as a partner. The office is converted into the engineering company Schmitt Stumpf Frühauf and Partners.


The management board is expanded to include Christian Schmitt and Helmut Wolf. At the same time, the legal name changes to SSF Ingenieure GmbH.


The company is converted into SSF Ingenieure AG. The company founders move to the supervisory board. The former managing directors Christian Schmitt and Helmut Wolf now form the board of directors.


Anton Braun joins the board of directors.

People at SSF

With expertise, responsibility and enthusiasm 

We employ around 300 experts who not only master your specific topic to the last detail, but never lose sight of the superordinate project goals. They design in a future-oriented way, examine carefully, evaluate precisely and implement interdisciplinarily. They are amongst the best of their discipline and our most important and precious good.


Together we design structures for the future. The variety of projects makes our profession diverse and fascinating. That’s why we love what we do.


Career at SSF


Management board

Anton Braun, Christian Schmitt, Helmut Wolf



Your contact partners at our locations 

Christian Schmitt

Management Board Chairman

Project planning and buildings Munich


T +49 89 / 3 60 40 - 252

Anton Braun

Management Board

Final design Munich


T +49 89 / 3 60 40 - 411

Helmut Wolf

Management Board

Construction and project management, international projects and tunnel construction Munich


T +49 89 / 3 60 40 - 155

Ulrich Castrischer

Berlin branch manager

power of attorney 


T +49 30 / 4 43 00 - 657

Andreas Danders

Halle branch manager

power of attorney


T +49 345 / 21 14 - 810

Peter Kilian

Halle branch manager

power of attorney


T +49 345 / 21 14 - 847

Sören Klein

Düsseldorf branch manager

power of attorney


T +49 211 / 20 54 10 - 61

Christian Hofstetter


Victor Schmitt, Wolfgang Frühauf, Dieter Stumpf



Victor Schmitt



Company founder 1971

Wolfgang Frühauf


Joined company in 1988

Dieter Stumpf


Company founder 1971