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Building on sustainability – from the idea to its completion

No requirement is too complex for us, no idea too challenging. On the contrary: as civil engineers we love technical challenges which we solve with expertise and enthusiasm. We embrace sustainable and resource-friendly concepts and intensive exchange with our project partners, clients and the public. You can always rely on our services which, thanks to project management and BIM, efficiently intertwine. We always aspire to combine technological construction quality, economic efficiency and excellent design in order to create durable structures with social value.


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Survey & Design

project planning

structural engineering

general planning

research & development

BIM design

BIM management

sustainable construction

Evaluation & Analysis

structure inspections

risk management

fire protection

survey of existing structures

expert reports

Management & Documentation

client consulting

construction management (construction management and supervision)

contract and addendum management

project management

design management


cost and schedule planning

BIM coordination

construction logistics

safety and health coordination