Code of Conduct

Our responsibilities

We, the staff and the management of SSF Ingenieure AG, recognize our responsibilities towards our clients and partners in business. We are careful to fulfil the responsibilities arising thereof.


In our clients’ interest (and the needs of their clients in turn) we strive to develop and implement advantageous, sustainable and environmentally friendly solutions. The foundation is created by the principles laid down in our code of conduct. In our actions we aim to conduct our business as a responsible member of society and act in awareness of our responsibilities as a member of the society.


We are aware that these responsibilities are inseparable. Therefore, it is our duty to assess how to achieve and maintain the right balance between these responsibilities in executing all of our business activities.

Our integrity

Essential condition for successful business relations are attention and respect, mutual confidence and sincere, open and fair dealings with each other. The integrity of our engineering company as a whole as well as of each one of our collaborators and those of our partners is a basic condition for this. 


The information our clients give to us are treated absolutely confidential. We treat responsibly the knowledge and the know-how gained by our varied activities.


We avoid conflicts in our business relations as well as between private and company interests. In doing business, we do not accept gifts or contributions of significant value in any form, nor do we offer the same. 

Upholding our principles

We believe that our code of conduct underpins the values of our business. For us it is a guideline towards long-term safeguarding of our success. 

We know that we are judged by how we act – not by how we say that we act. Therefore, we, the members of staff and the management at SSF Ingenieure AG, commit to guaranteeing that we are familiar with this code of conduct and that we recognise its importance; we respect and obey it and adhere permanently to this code of conduct.


Ein respektvolles Miteinander sowie ein fairer, transparenter und vertrauensvoller Umgang innerhalb des Unternehmens und gegenüber unseren Kunden und Partner ist unser Grundsatz. Der daraus resultierende Verhaltenskodex (siehe oben) ist die Basis unserer geschäftlichen Beziehungen. Fehlverhalten möchten wir konsequent verhindern und diesem nachgehen. Über unser Hinweisgebersystem können Sie schnell und einfach Fehlverhalten melden, das von unserem Unternehmen ausgeht oder das Wohlergehen von Mitarbeitenden und dritten Personen betrifft.

Das System ist ausschließlich dafür gedacht, kriminelle Handlungen, schwerwiegendes Fehlverhalten und Gesetzesverstöße zu melden. Bitte beachten Sie, dass derartige Meldungen folgenschwere Konsequenzen für die Beschuldigten haben können. Deshalb bitten wir um einen verantwortungsvollen Umgang. Ein Missbrauch des Hinweisgebersystems kann strafrechtliche Folgen haben.

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