Bridge over River Saale, Naumburg

Federal Road B180, Naumburg, Germany
Federal Road B180, Naumburg, Germany
Road construction authority Saxony-Anhalt
Planning period
2006 – 2008
Span widths
84,40 m
Total area
633 m²
Project planning of engineering structures: basic evaluation, preliminary, draft and final design, preparation and evaluation of tenders (§ 43 Lph 1, 2, 3, 5–7); Project planning of transport installations: basic evaluation, preliminary, draft, approval and final design, preparation and evaluation of tenders (§ 47 Lph 1–7); Structural engineering: preliminary and draft design, preparation of tenders (§ 51 Lph 2, 3, 6); Special services: coordination of specialised trades as well as all other interfaces, construction logistics and planning of construction phases, traffic management concept, GE planning incl. all construction approval contracts

The design process for the bridge did not only comprise requirements in terms of traffic but also aesthetics, ecology and monument protection. The result is an integral reinforced concrete bridge without joints and bearings; its traffic-compliant upgrade reflects sustainable use of resources and constructive creativity. The design of the new five-span structure with its clear elegance avoids competing with the old arch bridge from 1867.

The new construction is designed with four narrow pile slabs following the rhythm of the existing structure. The thereof resulting small span widths and the implementation as integral structure make the superstructure seem almost floating.

The integral method, in combination with the pile haunches, forms an elegant superstructure with high slenderness at a slab thickness of only 80 centimetres. The intentionally sparsely used and linear-shaped haunches (each 2 metres long; slab thickness 1.3 metres) hold sufficient load reserves for the support moments and, moreover, provide a beneficial shadow balance which highlights the structure's transparency.