Motorway A20, North-West Bypass Weede – Elbe Tunnel

Weede, Germany
Weede, Germany
DEGES Deutsche Einheit Fernstraßenplanung- und -bau GmbH
Planning period
2020 – 2021
before 2026
35,1 km
SSF Services
Project planning of engineering structures: preliminary and draft design, preparation of tenders (optional) (§ 43, Lph 2, 3, 6); structural engineering: preliminary and draft design (§ 51, Lph 2, 3); BIM as special service – production of a fully parametric model for the erection of all overpasses and selected motorway structures

Motorway A20 is the western continuation of the Baltic Sea Motorway A20 connecting it to motorway A26 and will be an important east-west link in North Germany by connecting the German sea ports at the North and Baltic Seas. This project comprises sections 3 until 8 from Weede until the connection of the planned Elbe tunnel on the Lower Saxon side of river Elbe.The overpasses are implemented as wide spanning frame structures. The design concept generally intends a frame solution for the overpasses with frame struts inclined towards the federal motorway but gives leeway for the interpretation of abutment and strut connection arrangements.SSF signs responsible for draft design based on parametric BIM models for a standard construction of 13 overpasses, one wildlife crossing as well as 18 motorway structures in selected sections.

BIM design:

  • design with Allplan Bridge
  • parametric model production based on which 3D modelling of the individual bridges can be done in the “technical model design”
  • objective: on the basis of an input platform all similar structures can be modelled in a semi-automated manner
  • use of self-developed additions to commercial BIM software in order to transfer the design of structures from a manual to a serial BIM working method