Filstal Viaduct Opened for Operation

Project folder demonstrates the complex design of this extraordinary structure

The Filstal viaduct is a unique engineering structure in terms of its shape and height. Because of the complex parameters presented by the unusual sequence tunnel-bridge-tunnel it combines several bridge engineering challenges. The solution-oriented cooperation between developer, designer and construction company allowed to resolve the very challenging engineering issues and to create a structure setting new standards in railway bridge engineering.  

In the context of launching the new high-speed line Wendlingen-Ulm, Deutsche Bahn AG also officially opened the third-highest railway bridge to regular operation. Travel time between Stuttgart and Munich is now reduced by 15 minutes. The high-speed line is thus a big contribution to increased capacity of the railway network. We are happy to successfully complete the project and about our contribution to this unique structure.  

On the occasion of the Filstal Viaduct’s opening, we publish our project folder where we demonstrate in detail the complex parameters and engineering solutions of the structure. The project folder is available here for download (German edition).