Regional train tunnel “Erding Ring Connection“

More comfort for Munich’s public transport network

Construction of the regional train tunnel at Munich airport is in full progress. The first milestone was the tunnel’s completion until June 2019 in the area of the operated airport. To meet the deadline, this section was built as cut-and-cover tunnel. The connecting tunnel area will be concreted conventionally by formwork travellers.

The tunnel is part of the project “Erding ring connection”, expanding the current airport tunnel to the east. The new line section comprises amongst other the new holding depot and turn loop Schwaigerloh, and links the two regional train terminals Erding and Freising Airport-Munich.

The underground section, starting at the airport, is 1.8 kilometres long and contains a tunnel extension by around 1,500 metres and a ca. 300-metres long trough structure, leading the trains overground. SSF Ingenieure signs responsible for final design of the tunnel and the trough structure for the company Porr GmbH & Co. KGaA.

The tunnels shell construction is planned to be completed in 2021 before DB Netz AG will outfit it with the technical equipment required for train operation. Use of the new section until the turning loop Schwaigerloh is anticipated in 2025. The new railway connection from Freising via the airport to Erding is estimated to be entirely completed by 2029.


Scope of services SSF Ingenieure:

  • Structural engineering: approval and final design
  • Project planning: final design
  • Completion 2021

Photo credits: © Porr GmbH & Co. KGaA

Visualization: © Flughafen München