Replacement of Elisabeth Bridge in Halle (Saale)

Currently the largest bridge project of the city

Elisabeth bridge in Halle leads tramway, cycle, and pedestrian traffic over river Saale. It has been dilapidated for years due to damages caused by the Saale flood of 2013 which damaged the bridge’s foundations more than initially thought. So, the bridge will be replaced in the framework of the tramway infrastructure projects.  

The new construction is planned north of the current bridge so that public transport can be upheld during the entire construction period. Moreover, this will significantly improve the quality of the alignment and thus the quality of passenger comfort as well as guarantee a simpler construction execution. The new bridge is built by modular method as composite construction which reduces construction time. The construction time is especially important during this project as the replacement is financed by flood relief funds from the federal government which have to be accounted for by the end of 2024. Thus, the bridge must be completed by the end of next year.  

The new construction optimises the situation for pedestrians and cyclists. The new bridge features 2-metre-wide cycle lanes in each direction, pavements are each 2.5-metres wide, which is a significant improvement from the current situation. Tramway traffic will be maintained during most of the construction period; it is, nevertheless, the most important link between old city and new city quarters with more than 300,000 daily passengers. Only for connecting the new rail tracks to the bridge a short closure is unavoidable.  

Construction started in February 2023. The measures included site clearance as well as relocation of supply and disposal installations. Pit lining, earth and foundation works started in April 2023. Deep foundation works at axes 10 and 20 west side and axes 30 and 40 east side will be finished in July. Erection of the above-ground construction elements such as piles and abutments constitute the preparation for the assembly of the steel girders planned for October 2023. Right after assembly of the steel girders, the first prefabricated reinforced steel components will be placed. Before assembling the transversal girders and deck slabs, multiple cables will be laid in the maintenance spaces. Final assembly is planned in spring 2024 so that the tracks can be placed on the new bridge at the end of June 2024.  

SSF Services: 

  • Project planning and structural engineering: basic evaluation and preliminary design, draft, approval and final design, preparation and evaluation of tenders
  • Engineering survey
  • Geotechnics
  • Landscape design
  • On-site construction supervision and steel assembly supervision