Relocation of Long-Distance and Regional Train Station Hamburg-Altona

State of construction of the railway installation’s relocation

Railway station Hamburg-Altona will be relocated to Diebsteich. Around the old station in Altona, around 138,000 square metres of open space will be cleared. This area is urgently needed to create more housing space – around 1,900 new residential units will be built on the lot. Moreover, the relocation brings advantages for the already existing residential estates near the old station: Noise impacts will be reduced as, in addition to the relocated long-distance and regional train traffic, new noise protection measures will be implemented. On the newly cleared area, a continuous green space will be created from Altona-Mitte until Elbe River.

In Diebsteich, a modern station is being built which responds to the increasing passenger volume, providing users with a comfortable and barrier-free journey.

Around 25 kilometres of new track are placed during the relocation; additionally, more than 60 new switches, an electronic interlocking system, a tank unit and holding yard, an administrative as well as warehouse building for DB Netz AG are built. Moreover, the project includes two new bridges and the demolition of four engineering structures.

The company Leonhard Weiss Hamburg, general planner of the project, contracted SSF for final design of two of the four new station platforms. Those also include the main structural components of the station and the new station hall as well as the railway bridge Plöner Strasse including its transport installations.

Currently, the first construction phase is being completed in view of starting operation of the regional train station Diebsteich in September 2023.