Design Competition Viaduct Fechingen

Design idea for a 400-metres long bridge over Saarbach valley near Saarbrücken

Viaduct Fechinger carries motorway A6 (Mannheim – Saarbrücken) at a height of 40 metres over the 400-metres wide Saarbach valley between the town districts Brebach and Fechingen east of the state capital Saarbrücken. To implement the necessary replacement of the viaduct, the state road building authority launched a non-public interdisciplinary competition.


As part of a bidding consortium comprising Rogmann Ingenieure GmbH (Homburg/Saar), Keipke Architekten (Rostock), HDK Dutt & Kist GmbH (Saarbrücken) and Ponting inzenirski biro d.o.o. (Maribor/Slovenia), SSF Ingenieure participated at the realisation competition for the viaduct alongside six other contestants.


The bidding consortium plans to replace Viaduct Fechingen with a cable-stayed load-bearing system made of steel with separated directional lanes. The design of the new Viaduct Fechingen, which due to its distinct exposition within the landscape, acts as gate to the state capital Saarbrücken, is oriented at the existing filigree, landmarked bridge built in 1963. The reduced form of the deck bridge is answered by an urban statement: the construction as four-span bridge with three pylons without designated foreland areas, creates on the one hand a mainly calm design, but also has a striking appearance.