PEC + S has been awarded for the high quality of the Yao Jia Ying tunnel

Messrs. Huo Yi and Zhu Gui Fu, chefs of the Chinese engineering office Beijing, assessed the quality and safety of all tunnel sections I to VIII of the new line Beijing – Shenyang which are currently under construction.

They especially focused on the quality of the installed inner shell. Of all tunnels, our Yao Jia Ying Tunnel received the best assessment. On this occasion, all chefs of the individual sections I to VIII as well as the managers of the entire construction supervision were invited to visit our tunnel. Moreover, the chefs and construction supervisors of section IX were invited. The client requested that all other sections see our tunnel as example and execute the same kind of high and good quality in the future.



08/14 PEC + S awarded the contract for supervision activities in China