New contract: Upgrade of Wesel-Dattel Canal

SSF Ingenieure in joint venture contracted for large-scale project

We are happy to have received the contract for a new, exciting large-scale project: analysis of existing bridges in view of canal deepening and bridge replacements in the framework of the expansion of Wesel-Dattel Canal (WDK). 

In the northern Ruhr Valley, with a length of 60 kilometres, WDK connects river Rhine near Wesel to Dortmund-Ems canal near Datteln and is Germanys second most frequented waterway after river Rhine. The planned WDK expansion until the town of Marl (length 40 km, project W73 in the Federal Infrastructure Plan) will significantly increase the capacity of large-engine barges to 23.5 million freight tonnes per year. The height difference of 41 metres along the canal is bridged by 6 locks. In the framework of the expansion, three new, large locks with a maximum wall depth of 4.70 metres are planned, which were tendered in a separate contract.  

The entire design of bridges and culverts to achieve the required clearance increase to 5.25 m (above groundwater surface), as well as the deepening of the canal bottom by 0.70 m for the unrestricted traffic of double-decker container ships affects in total 16 bridge replacements and 13 culvers. Moreover, in view of digging the canal bottom, existing bridges have to be analysed. The design contract was awarded to SSF Ingenieure Düsseldorf in joint venture with Schüßler Plan Düsseldorf by the Authority for Waterways and Construction Datteln.