Mobility Hub Augsburg

Progress at the construction of the barrier-free central station

The conversion of Central Station Augsburg into a barrier-free mobility hub is in full swing. The first section with three railway bridges has already been completed and is operated. Currently, the next section is under construction and will probably be finished in May 2020. After that, construction of the fourth section (until March 2021), the fifth section (until December 2022) and finally the expansion of the tramway tunnel will follow.


Mobility at the central station is dispersed onto three levels: on the top at the railway platforms of Deutsche Bahn, at the bottom in the area of the new tramway station and in the distribution levels in between which connect both railway systems barrier-free by elevators and escalators.


SSF Ingenieure is responsible for new construction of the tramway tunnel with underground tramway stations and direct access to the platforms. And here is more information on the project: To the project as well as on the project's website Augsburg City.