Launching of Railway Bridge Paosostrasse Munich

1080-tonne heavy bridge launched over around 50 metres into its final position

Deutschen Bahn is currently renewing the railway bridge at Paosostrasse between Pasing and Lochham. The old structure was built in 1930 and should have already been replaced in 2021. Due to archaeological findings from the middle Bronze Age, construction had to halt temporarily. After securing the historic material, construction works continued and have progressed so that, on 23 August, the new structure could be launched.

The new bridge is a reinforced concrete semi-frame and crosses over two tracks of the railway line Munich-Mittenwald as well as two regional train tracks. During a one-week closure, the old bridge was demolished and subsequently, on 23 August, starting at 5am, the new, around 1080-tonne heavy structure was launched over around 50 metres – step by step during a ten-hour period until the bridge reached its final position.

After placing the structure in its final position, the launching crane including bearings was disassembled, and the bridge will be set in its fixed place by flow concrete. Works are currently still ongoing but will be completed, according to schedule at the end of the week so that on Monday trains will be rolling over the new bridge.