Closing the Gap in the Heart of Berlin

Expansion of underground train U5 is starting operation

Successful project completion in the capital: Today the expansion of U5 is being opened. The gap closure connects U5, reaching from Hönow to Alexanderplatz, with U55 between Alexanderplatz and Brandenburger Tor. The former U5 and U55 are merged to one line: the new U5.

The lines provide a direct connection to the historic city centre for the residential areas in the city’s east. Moreover, Central Station and the government district for the first time have a link to the entire Berlin underground railway network.

Three new stations, Rotes Rathaus, Museumsinsel and Unter den Linden, have been built. Station Rotes Rathaus captivates with its architecture. The funnel shaped roof supports appear like mushrooms and the walls’ geometry with its curves and slants makes the station look like a gothic vault.
Station Museumsinsel is directly under the Spree Canal which required ground freezing. The complicated construction method and the difficult ground conditions made the shell construction very complex. A special feature of the interior design is the dark blue sparkling night sky as ceiling over the track area. However, trains will not stop at station Museumsinsel until next summer as it is not yet fully completed.
At station Unter den Linden with its large portico, U5 crosses the existing U6. Construction here was executed whilst traffic was maintained at this highly frequented crossing.

After around 10 years of construction, today railway traffic through the 2.2-km long tunnel tubes will commence, bringing veritable relief for the busy roads in Berlin Mitte. Berlin’s people can be twice as glad: improved public transportation and fewer emissions from road traffic in the city centre.

We are happy to see this exciting project come to its completion. All information about SSF’s services for the new U5 project can be found here: project.