Integral Bridge Structure in VFT® Construction with Record Span

Period: Nov. 2006 until Nov. 2007

In connection with the upgrading of the Berlin-Frankfurt/Oder railway route, an inner-city bypass, which crosses the approximately 40-metre-wide Flaken canal at an angle of approximately 65-gon, is now being built in the city of Erkner.

The bridge structure is being executed in the VFT® construction method developed by SSF as a single-span frame with a clear width of approx. 54 m and a span length of 56.60 m. The slenderness of the girders in the span mid-point amounts to L/31. The 55.60-metre-long VFT® girders thus break the length record of the Saale Bridge in Merseburg (SSF project) by approximately 2 m.

Due to the limited access road possibilities, the VFT® prefabricated girders were cut into two pieces, delivered to the construction site and assembled on site. With the help of a 800-ton mobile crane with a lattice boom and 130 tons of fixed ballast and 240 tons of suspended ballast, each of the four approximately 80-ton VFT® girders was lifted into place across the Flaken ship canal using a max. crane working radius of approx. 50 m.

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