Federal Roads B89 / B19, Bridge Structures in the Course of the Untermassfeld Bypass and the Meiningen Southern Link

Meiningen, Germany
Meiningen, Germany
DEGES, Berlin
Span widths
various structures with total span lengths of 121 m / 100 m / 45 m
Planning period
2003 - 2004
Construction period
§43: Lph 2, 3, 6, 7 / § 51: Lph 2, 3, 6

Two structures were designed as steel composite bridges with haunched VFT® girders. The superstructures were each monolithically connected without joints to the piers. One superstructure is equipped with bat flyover protection walls. The third bridge is a flood bridge in the retention area of the Werra river and was built as a completely bearingless and jointless, integral reinforced concrete structure.