SSF Ingenieure Expands International Engagement

PEC+S Deutschland GmbH becomes SSF International GmbH

For almost 20 years PEC+S (Planning, Engineering, Consulting and Services) Deutschland GmbH has been providing services in the context of large infrastructure projects abroad. The company, previously mostly working in China, will diversify its international work and be renamed to SSF International.  

PEC+S Deutschland GmbH was founded in 2004 with the aim to concentrate a comprehensive portfolio of services in the field of railway construction, particularly in view of the at the time planned high-speed railway network in China. Consecutively, PEC+S developed into a very active and esteemed engineering office, and, over the years, contributed with commitment and expertise to the design and construction of several thousand kilometres of high-speed rail line (tracks and engineering structures). “PEC+S remains a renowned name in expert circles in China”, says director Johannes Frühauf. “But now is the time to diversify our skills and gained experiences. The manifold tasks and challenges presented by international projects in the field of public transport provide us with vast opportunities. The renaming from PEC+S to SSF International underscores the proximity and connection with SSF Ingenieure, helping us to prove ourselves as SSF’s international brand.”  

SSF currently works on the following international projects:  

  • Renovation and expansion of railway line along Yalama-Sumgait corridor in Azerbaijan: around 170-km long section, double-tracked, electrified, replacement of engineering structures and tracks with maintained operation; design analysis, construction management and supervision.
  • Standard gage railway line along “Central Line” in Tanzania: around 1,200-km long, single-tracked, electrified; design analysis, construction management and supervision focusing on overhead cables, signalling and telecommunications technology. 
  • Consulting for the knowledge building for operation and maintenance of modern railway lines in Tanzania.
  • Consulting for the Egyptian high-speed rail project (Green Line El Ain Sokhna to New El Alamein).