Railway Bridge Replacement Marwitzer Strasse near Berlin

Assembly of the currently largest temporary bridge

Railway bridge “Marwitzer Strasse”, built in 1925, in Henningsdorf near Berlin has reached the end of its lifecycle and will be replaced by a new bridge. The new bridge comprises a single-tracked steel trough bridge and a multi-tracked frame structure made of in-situ concrete.

Already in May 2023, the steel trough bridge was assembled at the first construction section after the abutments had been previously erected. Consecutively, the frame structure will be built. To minimise restrictions on train traffic, a temporary bridge was erected.

At the end of August 2023, the temporary twin bridge was assembled. In coordination with DB Netz AG the temporary structure was placed on floating elastomer bearings. With a span width of 31 metres and a total width of 6 metres, a construction height of 1.3 metres at the centre of the bridge and a total weight of 107 tonnes, it currently is Germany’s largest temporary bridge.

During the track closure, the anchored pit lining was built and the old bridge demolished. The next steps include the frame structure west, and after completion of the temporary bridge, the construction of frame structure east.