Expansion of Railway Line Berlin Südkreuz – Blankenfelde

Modernisation of the historic Dresdner Ba

The around 16-kilometre-long regional railway line between Berlin Südkreuz and Blankenfelde is part of the so-called Dresdner Bahn which already since 1875 has connected Berlin via Mahlow and Blankenfelde to Dresden. Soon the existing route between Südkreuz and Blankenfelde will also be used for regional and long-distance traffic. This is currently not possible as trains are operated on differing power systems: regional trains by direct current and short and long-distance trains by alternating current. Thus, two new electrified tracks are being built and all nine railway and road bridges along the line are being replaced.

The new tracks run east of the existing line, partially at the location of the current regional train tracks which had to be move for the construction. In addition to the new construction of both tracks, the existing regional train tracks are modernised. Moreover, the current regional train terminus is relocated to the south, and in Blankenfelde a combined platform for short-distance and regional trains will be constructed. This makes for a comfortable transit between means of transport for passengers.

Construction works started on 5 February 2019. Currently, completion is at 75%. In addition to the complete demolition of the entire regional train station as well as the old platform, an entirely new railway platform has been built during a short track closure.

The comprehensive project tasks include amongst other:

  • soil exchange
  • renovation of moor section Blankenfelde
  • replacement of level crossing Tunnelweg by a bridge
  • new construction of railway bridges Lankegraben and Karl-Marx-Straße
  • gradient increase of up to 1.4 metres in the area of Karl-Marx-Straße
  • concrete trough (ballasted concrete superstructure as mass body)
  • several noise barriers
  • complete new track layout with new overhead cable installations
  • a new outside platform as well as a combined platform with technical building.
  • commissioning of the entire railway technological equipment

SSF Ingenieure has been contracted with on-site construction supervision of three of the in total 14 tender packages.