Order for our PMS Department

Another success can be recorded 1½ years after the commencement of the Project Management Services - or PMS Department at the SSF location. An order from the BMVI (federal ministry of transport and digital infrastructure in Bonn) to assist in the implementation of risk management for pilot projects in the federal highway sector has been awarded to SSF in cooperation with our partner Risk Consult, Innsbruck.

For the BMVI the project leaders of the pilot projects must have individual support with the design, implementation and execution of risk management in accordance with DIN EN 31010 and 18031000 during the following pilot projects.

  • A 7 Rader High Bridge over the Kiel Canal near Rendsburg
  • A 40, 8-Lane Expansion between AS Duisburg/Homberg - AS Duisburg/Ports
  • B 85 - OU Altenkreith with Access to B 16
  • B 301 - Northeastern Bypass Freising


Due to its increasing importance, risk management is moving away from a niche discipline. The need is recognized by numerous companies but many years of experience are essential for the successful execution of risk management during infrastructure projects.