Aller Bridge in Verden

Wins Steel Engineering Award 2017

In the category bridge engineering, the railway bridge over River Aller, completed in 2015, has been awarded the Engineering Award of the German Steel Engineering Association. The design was implemented by SSF Ingenieure together with schlaich bergermann partner and Max Bögl.

The award ceremony took place on January 17th, 2017 in the framework of BAU trade fair in Munich.


Structure data:

  • span widths: 32.52 m + 48.78 m + 49.68 m + 80.0 m + 49.71m + 48.81 m + 37.88 m + 27.20 m
  • structure length: 374.58 m
  • number of tracks: 2


  • as per HOAI 2013 (German official scale of fees for architects and engineers): structural engineering: draft, approval and final design