Ballastless Track Test Section – Suining-Chongqing in China

In 2004 the Chinese Ministry of Railways (MOR) decided to test different ballastless track systems on the Suiyu (Suining-Chongqing) test section.

SSF Ingenieure was commissioned to provide the consulting service for planning this section. The MOR selected the renowned design institute Second Survey and Design Institute (SSDI) in Chengdu to prepare the planning concept. SSF Ingenieure was in charge of advising the Chinese colleagues at the SSDI on the special subject of ballastless tracks, checking the planning work, and working out improvement proposals.

The consulting service focussed on the:

  • design of ballastless tracks on long bridges of Chinese construction type – frame structures;
  • design of ballastless tracks in soft soil areas with little load-bearing capacity;
  • design of ballastless tracks in the area of points; and
  • design of ballastless tracks in the area of transitions to the ballasted superstructure.

But SSF Ingenieure also provided advice on the special features of ballastless tracks of Chinese construction type, such as:

  • earthing for special signal systems;
  • reinforcement layout for special signal systems; and
  • drainage adaptations.

The cooperation with the MOR and the SSDI has developed into a reliable partnership for the Chinese market.

Future projects in inland China, but also in countries abroad,
will be jointly offered by SSDI + SSF.