Improvement of the access to the Gdansk Harbour – Sucharski-Line

On the 25th of April 2008 SSF Ingenieure has been assigned to design the Sucharski-Line with a total length of 8430 m, divided into 3 sections.

The Design includes:

  • Road Design (2x 2-3 lanes)
  • Traffic Junctions: „Blonia”, „Elblaska“, „Wosia Budzysza“, „Dzielnicowy“,  „Ku Ujsciu“ and „Marynarki Polskiej“
  • Design of Tunnel under the River „Dead Vistula” – Cut-and-Cover Method or Caisson
  • Diverse Engineering Structures and Approach Roads

Press information (de/pl)

04/2016 Tunnel underneath the Dead Vistula opened for traffic