Competition for Rudolf-Wissell Bridge – Consistently Followed-Through

Structural Engineering Colloquium at the Technical University Berlin

In the framework of the Structural Engineering Colloquium held at the Technical University Berlin on Tuesday, 27 November 2018, Dipl.-Ing. Ulrich Castrischer, head of our Berlin office, will lecture on SSF Ingenieure’s contribution in the competition for Rudolf-Wissell Bridge. SSF Ingenieure’s design concept, elaborated in engineering joint venture, came into second place in May this year.


This winter semester, the colloquium organised by the Institute of Civil Engineering at TU Berlin takes place under the motto “Bridge Building Culture in Germany”. In seven lectures on the competition for Rudolf-Wissell Bridge, engineers will talk about their working practice. All presentations will be held in German.


Full programm of the colloquium: Link