Use of BIM Models for VR Applications

BIM Weeks Events at SSF 07 October 2019 4pm – 6pm


BIM Weeks Events



07 October 2019

4pm – 6pm


SSF Ingenieure AG

Domagkstraße 1a

80807 Munich



SSF has been using Virtual Reality for several years now to visualize and evaluate its designs.

BIM models simplify many design meetings as they illustrate much clearer where the challenges are. But to actually “dive into” the structure via VR glasses, opens a whole new perspective – even for experienced designers.


To start we’d like to show in a short presentation the path from the model to the VR application. After that, we invite you to experience the virtual world for yourself on the example of the one-kilometre long Tunnel Allach.


During the VR presentation, we invite you to a “come together” in our offices to start a dialogue with our experts.




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