Munich Steel Construction Days 2022

Lecture by Dr.-Ing. Thomas Lechner

On 5 and 6 May 2022, the Munich Steel Construction Days will take place during which industry representatives engage in exchange about the latest developments in steel and composite engineering. The conference is jointly organised by the University of Applied Sciences Munich, the University of the German Federal Armed Forces Munich and the Technical University Munich, and will take place at the University of Applied Sciences.  

Dr.-Ing. Thomas Lechner, head of the department for steel bridge construction and development at our Munich offices, will hold a lecture at the conference about transverse launching of Lennetal viaduct. The 1,000 long and around 30,000 tonnes heavy bridge was launched by around 20 metres into its final position in March 2021: The larges bridge launching ever undertaken in Germany.  

The entire programme is detailed in the event flyer.