Bridge Engineering – Design and construction of recent projects for pedestrians, road and railway

Presentation by Dipl.-Ing. Christian Hofstetter during lectures at the OTH Regensburg

On 21 November 2019 at 6.30pm, Christian Hofstetter, head of SSF Ingenieure’s office in Regensburg, will hold a lecture at the technical university OTH Regensburg on the subject “Bridge engineering – design and construction of recent projects for pedestrians, road and railway". The presentation is part of a series of lectures at the department of civil engineering in the winter semester 2019/2020 during which four experts talk about current engineering topics. In his lecture, Christian Hofstetter will present selected bridge structures made of concrete, steel and by composite construction method from the point of view of the designing engineer. He’ll highlight relevant aspects of the design process such as determining the construction method and bridge type, structural design of the load-bearing structure and visual decisions. Construction methods used for the presented projects are construction under ongoing traffic, under temporary bridges, bridge launching, incremental launching and placing by crane.


You can find the entire programme of the lecture series here: View programme