Zürich Stadelhofen

Zürich, Switzerland
Zürich, Switzerland
tunnel length
3,5 km
Planning period
Construction period
until 2035 (planned)
Preliminary project (SIA Phase 31: project planning of engineering structures – preliminary design; project planning of transport installations – preliminary design; structural engineering – preliminary design); BIM preparation and consulting for the client; BIM modelling of existing structures and new constructions

The project comprises the expansion by a fourth track of the current inner-urban station Zürich-Stadelhofen and an adjoining tunnel. It is designed in combination with the second single-tracked tunnel Riesbach between Zurich-Stadelhofen and Zürich-Tiefenbrunnen. The additional track will be connected by a tunnel link to Zürichberg Tunnel to increase flexibility.

The track will be built earth-side of the existing station partially by cut-and-cover but mainly by closed construction. Operation will be maintained during construction which takes place in a very constraint area.

As basis for future stages, the preliminary project (SIA-Phase 31) modelled the station building within the existing structures and their surroundings (incl. terrain, construction soil, supply lines and adjoining buildings). Moreover, the new construction elements were pre-modelled in a rough model for the architectural competition.