Metro Station Sendlinger Tor

Munich, Germany
Munich, Germany
Stadtwerke München GmbH
Planning period
2012 – 2020
Construction period
until 2023
Structural engineering; engineering structures: basic evaluation, preliminary, draft and approval design; structural engineering: preliminary and draft design; BIM management

The in parts over 45-year old structure is completely modernised in terms of technology and design and adapted to modern standards. Main focus are evacuation routes in case of a fire emergency. As passenger numbers have immensely increased at Munich’s busiest transport hub since opening of the metro station, the current evacuation concept is insufficient and additional and faster evacuation routes are needed. Moreover, all three levels of the station are redesigned and expanded, made barrier-free and adapted to state-of-the-art technology.

Utility and operation rooms in the connecting corridor between the platforms, currently the central entrance and exit area, are demolished and the central pathways are changed for optimum distribution of passengers. Moreover, crosscut south-east (exit Blumenstraße) and crosscut north-east (exit Sonnenstraße) form two building extensions which house the new utility and operation rooms and serve as additional exits.

The complex construction works are performed in a confined space while operation is ongoing (underground, tramway, road traffic on the surface). This requires deep excavation pits with intersecting bored pile walls, back-anchored or stiffened and ground freezing at the connections of the new cross cuts to the existing tunnel tubes.

Particularities/digital design with BIM

  • The design is based on documents from the 1960s; few digital design documents
  • 3-dimensional reproductions of the existing structure based on hand-drawn plans
  • representation of the existing structure/demolition projects/new constructions/final state
  • partial visualisation
  • model serves as basis for discussions and decisions about the planned conversion project
  • BIM design for planning of engineering structures and structural engineering