Barrage Kibling

Bad Reichenhall, Germany
Bad Reichenhall
DB Energie GmbH
Planning period
2012 - 2017
Project planning §42, Lph. 1- 8; Structural engineering §49, Lph. 1- 6; Technical equipment §53, Lph. 1-8
Joint venture
SSF Ingenieure GmbH and EDR GmbH

The barrage in Kibling had been built between 1910 and 1914 and has been operated without fundamental renovation for 100 years bevor its modernisation. The Water Management Authority in Traunstein requested the upgrade in order to bring the barrage to the current state-of-the-art. Moreover, the modernisation project including the renewal of the dam contributes to improved flood protection. The flow rate of water during floods can be increased and better controlled.

The barrage Kibling at the Saalach power plant Bad Reichenhall is operated by DB Energie GmbH. Lake Saalach is dammed up and its water is used at the adjoining Saalach hydropower plant to generate railway electricity.

To minimise the flood risk, the project was executed in two phases during the winters 2014/15, 2015/16 and 2016/17.


The conversion comprises the following works:

  • improvement of concrete quality of existing barrage components by injection;


  • partial demolition of the dam’s base and pile walls; installation of facing formwork in all spans of the dam in view of secure absorption and distribution of loads resulting from the new dam locks;


  • changing of roller lock by a segment lock; significantly increasing the operational security;


  • lowering of the floodgate by 3.0m, removal of the sliding gate (wood) and replacement by a modern steel rolling gate; lowering the threshold by 3.0m considerably increases the outlet capacity;


  • lowering of the fixed dam threshold by 2.5m and retrofitting of an inflatable weir with a damming height of 2.5m; significantly increasing the outlet capacity;


  • renewal of dam flanges;


  • retrofitting of automatic control of all dam locks;


  • lengthening of the dam base to guarantee overall stability of the barrage