High-speed Railway Line from Wuhan to Guangzhou Passenger Dedicated Line

MOR Ministry of Railway, China /Wu-Guang Passenger Dedicated Line Co.Ltd, China
350 km/h – ballast-less track
Supervision consulting
Total Length
116 km
Planning period
2006 – 2009

Consulting, examination and training of on-site supervision for engineering structures, earthworks, tunnel construction and superstructures, track construction, overhead-cable and signalling technology as well as production of prefabricated single-span girders 32 and 24 m system. Control of supervision of girder construction on site.

Several big bridges in the Pearl River delta as steel truss and cantilever bridges:

Mao Jia Bian Major Bridge, Kuangqu Major Bridge, Chechengjia Major Bridge
construction: 2 beam factories, 6 ‘Super Giant Bridges' (single-span girders with maximum length of 11 km), cast in-situ concrete continuous girder bridges max. 94 + 168 + 94 m, truss arch bridge with spans 99 + 242 + 99 m

Earthworks: 6 earthwork sections approx. 3 km long incl. Huadu Station

Tunnel construction: Jinshazhou tunnel (approx. 4.3 km long, inner-urban area, superficial, very difficult geology) and Da Song Ling Tunnel (approx. 200 m)