Dairy Gropper, Logistic Centre

Bissingen, Germany
Planning period
2011 – 2012
Construction period
2011 – 2013
Gross floor area
7.782 m²
SSF Services
project planning: basic evaluation, preliminary, draft, approval and final design, preparation and evaluation of tenders, supervision structural engineering: basic evaluation, preliminary, draft, approval and final design, preparation of tenders interface coordination: integration of external final design of high-bay storage area and conveyor technology; construction operation planning/construction logistics – construction during ongoing operation
energy certificate/verifications as per ENEV (German Energy Saving Regulations)
Dairy Gropper GmbH & Co. KG, Bissingen
Net floor area
7.223 m²
Object type
Logistics centre for storage and dispatch, administration building, Bissingen
Gross building volume
71.531 m³

New construction of logistics centre for storage and delivery of dairy products including administration buildings; connection of the new structure to existing production and storage buildings.

  • Logistics center consisting of a 2-storey refrigerated delivery hall with order picking and lorry loading ramp in reinforced concrete skeleton construction method; facades made of reinforced concrete prefabricated sandwich elements as well as porous concrete and mineral insulating system
  • 4-storey office building with administration and social areas in concrete construction method
  • fully automated refrigerated high-bay storage hall with self-supporting steel system and PUR isopanels façade
  • reinforced concrete wall with impermeable concrete; over 31 meters self-supporting, refrigerated steel truss bridge with isopanel facade and conveyor technology to link the new logistics center to the existing facilities.




  • continuous three -dimensional project planning and formwork design of the building complex from draft design to final design with AutoCAD Revit 2011
  • application of three-dimensional functionality for design control, illustration of complex geometries and visualization
  • application of BIM functionality for quantity calculations, room arrangement and door schedules