National Road B16, Danube Bridge

Günzburg, Germany
Günzburg, Germany
Construction Authority Krumbach
Construction period
Project planning: basic evaluation, preliminary and draft design, preparation and evaluation of tenders Structural engineering: preliminary, draft, approval and final design, preparation of tenders
Span widths
13.50 m + 83.00 m + 13.50 m
Total length
110 m
Planning period
2010 - 2011
Construction period

As part of federal highway B16 Dillingen – Krumbach, north of Günzburg, the old severely damaged truss bridge from 1948 was replaced by a new bridge over the Danube.

On the basis of a preliminary design, established together with architects Lang Hugger Rampp, and in close cooperation with the Construction Authority Krumbach and the Supreme Building Authority of Bavaria, SSF Ingenieure developed the 83 m spanning tied arch bridge with reinforced concrete frames, connected at both river banks as rampant arch with span widths of 13.5 m each. The locations of the substructures were choosen in such a way that a large clearance was created for the riverside paths underneath.

Predominant design element of the structure is the tied arch bridge. The arch sections are inclined towards each other in the cross section and are connected in the upper area by cross girders, creating a gate-effect. The inclination of the arch sections is continued in the geometry of the substructures. The crossed hangers complete the characteristics of the tied arch bridge.