Filstal Viaduct

Mühlhausen im Täle, Germany
Mühlhausen im Täle, Germany
DB Projekt Stuttgart – Ulm GmbH
Span widths
44,00 m + 95,00 m + 150,00 m + 93,00 m + 58,00 m + 45,00 m = 485,00 m
Planning period
Planning period
Approval and final design in joint venture with Schneider & Partner Ingenieur-Consult

Newly Built Railway Line between Stuttgart and Ulm

The around 485 m long, double-tracked and semi-integrally designed structure crosses on two separate superstructure and up to 80 m high Y-supports the Filstal valley. It has a main span width of around 150 m and is on both sides connected to tunnels.

The structure is built as single-web T-beam cross section on a launching track and on up to 80 m high temporary supports. The raking supports of the Y-supports are concreted afterwards and connected monolithically to the superstructures. Certain aspects of the bridge lead to exceptionally high requirements regarding the design, work preparation and construction and fabrication processes; these aspects are the high axle and breaking loads typical on railway lines, the future speed of 250 km/h on the ballastless track superstructure combined with the concept of a semi-integral bridge, the Y-supports with very flat diagonal struts and the difficult topographical and geometrical boundary conditions.