Langenfelde Bridge

Hamburg, Germany
DEGES Deutsche Einheit Fernstra├čenplanungs- und -bau GmbH
Hochtief Infrastructure GmbH, Deutschland Nord
Planning period
2014 - 2018
Span widths
RF Flensburg (East): 57,8 + 66,6 + 75,0 + 73,5 + 63,9 + 48,6 = 385,4 m
Span widths
RF Hannover (West): 58,2 + 66,9 + 59,7 + 73,8 + 80,6 + 61,7 = 400,9 m
HOAI (2013) Structural engineering (without steel structures): preliminary, draft and final design; design of all temporary structures
Credits: DEGES
Credits: DEGES

The Langenfelde Bridge in Hamburg, part of motorway A7, spans the railway lines of the operational station Langenfelde with its long-distance and regional train lines as well as the adjoining roads. The 6-span bridge comprises two separated composite superstructures with a total width of 52.4m.

Two hollow steel boxes each with lateral cantilever arm and connected by steel cross girders together with the shear-rigid concrete deck slab form the superstructure cross sections. The substructures are made of reinforced concrete columns under each main girder as well as concrete abutments.

The bridge is a replacement structure.
The new separated structures were erected consecutively within enclosures and after the existing parts had been demolished.
This procedure ensured the continuity of traffic during construction on one side of the bridge.
Both steel structures were built by incremental launching. The deck slab consists of semi-prefabricated components and an in-situ concrete supplement.