Munich Region, Landscape Development Concept

Munich, Germany
Munich, Germany
Government of Upper Bavaria
Assignment and services
Prof. Schaller UmweltConsult GmbH: Establishment and evaluation of a standardised geographical database incl. all existing nature and landscape data of the region by using a geographic information system (GIS) and new GIS technologies (ArcGIS-ModelBuilder)
Planning period
2003 - 2007

Landscape Development Concept for the Munich region, report with 580 pages, 27 thematic maps about natural resources, use, conflicts of use, recommendations and measure concepts, and a photo documentation as comprehensive technical concept for nature protection and landscape conservation, and as technical supplement to the regional plan; in which, based on a spatial model of landscape development:

  • suggestions – also area propositions – are developed with regard to the ecological contents of the regional plan, and
  • further aims and measures beyond local interest are described in view of nature protection and landscape development for an ecologically sustainable development of the region.