Bridge at Bgm. Ackermannstraße in Augsburg

Augsburg, Germany
Municipality Augsburg, Office of Public Works
Planning period
2015 – 2018
Span widths
Hessenbach Bridge: 32,12 m; Wertach Bridge: 54,71 m
Total area
Hessenbach Bridge: 960 m²; Wertach Bridge: 1610 m²
Structural engineering: approval and final design (§ 51 Lph 4-5) and temporary structures

Replacement structure of the bridge over Wertach and Hessenbachstraße including connecting ramps for pedestrians and cyclists. During inspection, the over 60-year old structure showed significant defaults and had to be renewed. Not only the load-bearing capacity was restored but some changes have been implemented as well: such as a pedestrian and cyclist lane with off-ramp and a widening of the bridge so that a future tramline can cross over the bridge.

An architect supervised the structure and designed the equipment items such as bridge caps, railings as well as the 12-m-high inclined lighting poles.

The construction project required a temporary detour with a traffic routing of 2+2; implemented by temporary bridges from the company Janson with a total span width of around 114m. The foundations of those bridges required extensive temporary structures such as sheet pile casing. The temporary detour as well as the final structures are designed for regular traffic and heavy-load traffic with a total load of around 430 tonnes in view of the regular special transports of MAN Engines.