IJssel Bridge

Hanzelijn, The Netherlands
Hanzelijn, The Netherlands
Span widths
33.13 m + 4 x 40.00 + 75.00 m + 150.00 m + 75.00 m + 10 x 40.00 m + 33.34 m
Total length
926.47 m
Planning period
2007 – 2010
Construction period
2008 – 2012
competition, design planning and structure planning in joint venture

The construction consortium Welling-Züblin-Donges won, together with the architects Quist Wintermans and SSF Ingenieure, the first prize of a multi-stage, interactive realisation competition, with previous prequalification.
The new Ijssel Bridge is part of the newly constructed railway line “Hanzelijn” from Zwolle to Leystad. At the end of 2010, the bridge was completed and in 2011 test operation started. The 53 million euro structure spans the Ijssel with a length of more than 900 m and a width of 15 m, connecting the province capital Zwolle to the community of Hattem.