Bridge Structure National Road B474n in Datteln

Datteln, Germany
National road B474n, Datteln, District Recklinghausen, Germany
Road construction authority NRW
Planning period
2018 – 2020
Span widths
127 m / 38 m / 39 m
Total Length
129 m (canal bridge) + 75 m (foreland bridge)
overall width
13,80 m
construction height
5,60 m
number of lanes
bridge surface
2.720 m² (total bridge structure)
SSF Services
Contract lot 1: construction supervision and manufacturing control; Contract lot 2+3: construction supervision and manufacturing control

National road B474n is newly built as bypass of the towns of Waltrop and Datteln. At section Datteln, construction started in October 2019. Within its 4-km-long course, the town bypass crosses the Dortmund-Ems Canal, requiring an overall ca. 204-m long bridge structure. This structure comprises the canal bridge and a foreland bridge.  

Additionally included in the project are: 

• preparation of bore levels, pre-assembly area (canal bridge)

• dam construction for a cyclists and pedestrian path of a length of 185 m

• preparatory works for construction of the section from km 8+918.54 to km 9+934.28 until upper edge of frost protection layer

• construction of an access ramp via the north road trough (Markfelder Strasse)

• construction of a ca. 250-m long dam, north foreland bridge