Motorway Ring A99, Aubing Tunnel

Munich, Germany
Munich – Augsburg, Germany
State of Bavaria, represented by German highway authority
Total Length
approx. 1.9 km / ramps 0.53 km
preliminary and final design, preparation of tenders
Planning period
2000 – 2002
Construction period
2002 – 2005, pre-measure 2000 – 2001

The tunnel Aubing as a part of the 6.2 km long west section of the motorway A99 is the longest motorway tunnel, with his approx. 1950 m, of Bavaria. He was produced in open cut construction, subdivided into several construction sites: The northern ramp, the northern tunnel (deep laying) with the passing of the railway line Munich-Augsburg, the high laying tunnel, the southern tunnel with the passing of the railway line Munich-Lindau (deep laying), as well as the southern ramp.