National Road B11, Isar Bridge

Moosburg, Germany
Moosburg, Deutschland
Construction Authority Freising
Planning period
2013 - 2015
Span widths
tied-arch over River Isar: 68 m; bridge over the Isar flooding area: 15,50 m + 3 x 19,20 m + 15,50 m
Total Length
157,20 m (both bridges)
Total area
2.008 m²
(HOAI 2009) Project planning of engineering structures: basic evaluation, preliminary, draft and approval design, preparation and evaluation of tenders; Structural engineering of engineering structures: preliminary, draft and approval design, preparation of tenders, final design as per alternative design

A dominant feature of the new bridge is a tied-arch over River Isar with a span width of 68 metres. The construction elements arch and stiffening girders are planned in the cross section as parallelogram-shaped steel boxes. The upper and lower chords run over the webs with the same thickness to achieve clear lines in the elevation of the bridge.

The hangers, arranged radially to the arch, give the bridge a characteristic feature and a high recognition factor. The cross girders which support the deck slab are arranged between the hangers and are designed as steel boxes.

East of River Isar, a bridge over the Isar flooding area connects to the tied-arch bridge. This structure is a simple deck bridge with prefabricated elements made of prestressed concrete as well as cast in-situ concrete. The design features of the tied-arch bridge, such as an inclination of the arches and the shape of the substructures, are reiterated at selective points and adapted to achieve a continuous overall concept.