Motorway A9 Interchange Neufahrn, Expansion and Fly-over

Neufahrn at Freising, Germany
Neufahrn at Freising, Germany
Authority of Motorways South Bavaria
Span widths
Structure BW 13/01: 34.50 m Structure BW 13/02: 53.00 m +59.91 m + 46.50 m +55.00 m Structure BW 13/03: 40.50 m +40.50 m Structure BW 13/04: 25.50 m
Planning period
2009 –2010
2010 –2011
Project planning: draft design and preparation of tenders Structural engineering: draft design and preparation of tenders

Motorway junction Neufahrn connects motorways A9 Nuremberg – Munich and A92 Munich – Deggendorf north of Munich. The average daily traffic volume in direction Munich on the A92 is predicted to increase by more than 50 % by 2020. To augment the capacity of this important traffic hub between Bavaria’s capital and Munich Airport and to durably maintain and improve traffic safety and flow, traffic layout and alignment have been optimised at the junction and a direct ramp as fly-over structure in direction Munich has been built. The construction of this direct ramp required four new bridges implemented as prestressed concrete structures as well as adaptations at existing structures.


Main focus was set on potential collisions with existing objects. By laser scanning the terrain, the data was developed into an as-built model of the motorway interchange which allowed to verify the clear heights during all traffic phases.

  • complete, continuous 3D design
  • draft design in 3D by using laser scan data
  • formwork plans entirely derived from the 3D model
  • collision examination with existing construction components, safety barriers, sign gantries