Motorway A96, Enclosure Germering

Germering, Germany
Germering, Germany
Authority of Motorways South Bavaria
Planning period
Preliminary design: 2009 – 2011, Draft design: 2013 – 2015, Tendering: 2016
Span widths
18.0 m
Clear width
1.0 m + 2.5 m + 0.5 m + 3.75 m + 3.5 m + 3.5 m + 0.6 m + 0.96 m + 0.74 m = 17.05 m
height clearance
≥ 4.70 m
structure height
0.80 m
overall width
19.85 m
Total length
972.50 m
Total area
ca. 18.380 m²
Project planning of engineering structures § 42 HOAI 2009, Lph 1, 2 (basic evaluation, preliminary design); § 43 HOAI 2013, Lph 3, 6, 7 (draft design, preparation and evaluation of tenders); Structural engineering of engineering structures § 49 HOAI 2009, Lph 2 (preliminary design); § 51 HOAI 2013, Lph 3, 6 (draft design, preparation of tenders)

As part of the 6-lane expansion of motorway A96, as a noise protection measure, the construction of an noise control enclosure (BW159-1) in direction Lindau (dir. north) is planned between junction Gilching and junction Germering-South, at the periphery of Germering. The gallery is closed on the northern side (built-up side) and open on the south side. In the area where A96 crosses the road Otto-Wagner-Str., a 2-span bridge (BW160-1) is required which is integrated into the tunnel via the lane in north direction and designed as a typical bridge span over the lane in south direction. Above the portals as well as the column lines at the median strip, a 1.3-m-high noise barrier is erected on the tunnel ceiling as additional noise protection.

The enclosure (BW159-1) is constructed whilst fully maintaining traffic in both directions on the lane in south direction (4+0 traffic management). The bridge above the south direction lane (BW160-1) is also constructed under ongoing traffic on a scaffolding. Construction of the shell of both engineering structures takes approximately 1 year and 9 months; the remaining works (e.g. drainage, bridge caps, road restraint systems, concrete deck slab, railings and noise barrier) takes around 6 months.

Scope ofdesign services by SSF:

  • Demolition of the existingstructure BW 160-1 (bridge over motorway A96)
  • New construction of structure BW 160-1(bridge over A 96, partially integrated into the enclosure structure)
  • New construction of structure BW 159-1(enclosure)
  • New construction of noise barrierson structure BW 160-1 with h = 1.3 m