Motorway A45, Ottfingen Viaduct

Ottfingen, Germany
Planning period
2017 - 2018
Span widths
40.1 m + 48.0 m + 48.0 m + 54.0 m + 45.0 m
Total area
8,531 m²
Total Length
235 m
Project planning of engineering structures: basic evaluation, preliminary and draft design, preparation of tenders Structural engineering: preliminary and draft design, preparation of tenders

Viaduct Ottfingen is part of motorway A45 Dortmund-Frankfurt, situated at motorway km 92.396 between interchanges Olpe and Freudenberg and in direct vicinity of the rest area Brüner Höhe. The town of Ottfingen lies south of the structure. The viaduct leads motorway A45 over an agricultural road and a small stream (Großmicke), which runs through a pipe in the ground in the structures area. In 2013, during a post-calculation, the old viaduct was classified as Bk 60 verification class C with a remaining operating life until 2033. To repair deficiencies in terms of decompression and the not sufficiently overlapping shear reinforcement, the viaduct is currently strengthened by external prestress. To strengthen the bridge durably, comprehensive measures are required. Due to economic reasons, and because the 6-lane expansion has been fixed in the federal infrastructure planning, the viaduct will be replaced.