Federal Road B 96n, 2nd Strelasund Crossing

Stralsund/Rügen, Germany
Stralsund/Rügen, Germany
Total length
approx. 2.83 km
Construction period
approval and final design, workshop drawings
DEGES, Berlin
Planning period
2004 - 2006
Construction period
2004 - 2007

Going parallel to the existing Rügendamm arises the new 2,831 m long 2nd Strelasundquerung, which connects the island of Rügen with the mainland. The bridge construction consists of five individual buildings: Foreshore Bridge 1 Stralsund (327.5 m), Foreshore Bridge 2 Stralsund (317 m), Bridge Ziegelgraben (cable stayed bridge, 583.3 m), Foreshore Bridge Daenholm (532.3m), Foreshore Bridge Strelasund (532.2 m) and Strelasund Bridge (539 m).