Yujiang Bridge - China

The design of the Yujiang Bridge by SSF Ingenieure GmbH was completed.

SSF Ingenieure (Munich, Germany) represented by PEC+S (Beijing, China) was mandated by SSDI – Second Survey and Design Institute (China) for consulting of the Yujiang Bridge.

The bridge is located on the Nanning to Guangzhou railway line between DK104+549.66 and DK108+459.366 with a total length of 3,909 m. Span arrangement of Yujiang Bridge is 36+96+228+96+36 m. Design traffic is 250km/h for mixed traffic. The bridge is designed with ballast track running on an orthotropic bridge deck.

The continuous steel truss girder is supported by stay cables in fan-like arrangement. Pylons are of reinforced concrete as hollow sections. The height of the truss girder is 14 m and the length between nodes is 12 m. The height of the pylon above the truss girder of the main tower is 49.5 m while the total height of the pylon is 105.0 m.

For the stay cables a parallel steel tendon system was applied with a tensile strength of fpk=1670 MPa. The tendons are corrosion protected by a double-layer HDPE.

In longitudinal direction the bridge is a half-floating system. Between the transverse members of the main pylons and the bridge girder dampers are installed which results in semi-rigid longitudinal fix points at the height of the main pylons.

SSF Ingenieure’s consulting services include:

  • assessment of the global structural design
  • structural design of knot details
  • structural design of the orthotropic bridge deck
  • structural analysis of the structure (global structural model including foundation, piers, pylons, main girder, etc.)
  • structural analysis of the construction stages
  • optimization of construction schedules, methodology and technology
  • construction supervision
  • safety on the construction site
  • Lifetime and Sustainability

The design started in February 2009 and was completed in February 2010.
The construction period is from May 2009 to June 2011.
The cost of the construction is approx. 45 Mio. Euro