Werkbund 2011: Quality with Dieter Stumpf, SSF Ingenieure AG

In the spirit of the work federation’s idea ‘to refine trade work by interaction of art, industry and craftsmanship’ Dieter Stumpf, member of SSF Ingenieure AG’s supervisory board, will hold a lecture in the framework of a series of lectures organized by Werkbund in 2011 under the motto ‘Quality Management for Knowledge-Oriented Service Providers in the Construction Industry’.

The lecture will take place on Wednesday 23 November, 2011 at 19 h at Seidlvilla in Munich.
Seidlvilla, Mühsam-Saal, Nikolaiplatz 1 b, 80802 Munich

In the beginning ‘quality management’ sounded for SSF Ingenieure like bureaucracy, but turned out to be the start towards a value-adding project work.