Trainee Programme for Young Engineers

SSF promotes professional competence

On 17 October 2019, for the fifth time the Bavarian Chamber of Engineers-Civil launches its trainee programme. This year again, SSF sends one of his engineers to the several months long, work-based training programme.


Within one year of courses, four practice-oriented modules are on the curriculum. The modules treat the subjects “Interconnected Planning and Control”, “Project and Design Planning in Architecture and Civil Engineering” and “Planning and Construction Laws” in a theoretical way as well a during practice days on the construction site.


Norbert Luft, head of project management services at SSF, conducts the final module “Design-Tenders-Construction Site”. The seminars organised by SSF include the elaboration of tender documents, the award of contracts, cost calculation principles as well as the preparation and management of works on the construction site.


This year, more participants from the fields of administration and project management partake in the programme, says Jennifer Wolfarth, product manager at the Engineering Academy Bavaria. The possibility to promote mutual interfaces is an invaluable asset.


This year’s programme is fully booked, but the course in 2020/21 offers a new opportunity.


SSF wishes all participant a successful training.


Further information about the trainee programme of the Bavarian Chamber of Engineers-Civil